The Inurans are seemingly everywhere throughout confederate space, but no one knows where they originate. Theories abound about their home world, but none have been confirmed. Fear of the Consortium prevents most parties from investigating too closely.

Inurans are divine in appearance, angelic in a way that fits many religions. They’re also cruel, and devious, exploiting their appearance whenever possible. The Consortium has a terrible reputation, and most Inurans do nothing to improve that.

The only thing despised more than an Inuran is a Drifter. Inurans, though, have far more power and influence due to the Consortium. Many people assume that any Inuran is part of the Consortium, making them far less likely to backstab or even question them. Why risk offending the most ruthless organization in the sector?

Not all Inurans are evil or manipulative, but enough are to permanently stain their race’s reputation in the cosmos. If this bothers them, the Inurans certainly don’t show it.

Despite refusing to reveal the location of their homeworld, the Inurans were formally adopted into the Shayan Confederacy as a full voting member. They are smaller than either the Shayan or Ternus factions, but possess more wealth than either.



Inurans have pale, creamy skin. Like Shayans, they possess a nearly supernatural beauty. Their hair color ranges across the same spectrum as humans, and they are generally indistinguishable from an attractive human. Inurans can (and often do) feed on magic, but must also sustain themselves by eating regularly. If an Inuran has fed on magic recently, they glow with a soft white halo of seemingly divine light. The color of this light doesn’t change based on the type of magic consumed.


Inurans & Magic

Unlike Shayans, Inurans age normally and possess a similar lifespan to humans. That doesn’t mean they are without magic, quite the opposite. Inurans are famous for their enchanting, which requires both Life and Air magic. It is this natural affinity that led to the creation of the Consortium, and the source of the Inuran’s enormous success.