The Dragonflights & the Age of Dragons

Perhaps the most troubling aspect of the Age of Dragons is that we do not know when it began, or how. We know that a hundred millennia ago the entire sector, perhaps the entire galaxy was ruled by Wyrms. These Wyrms were divided into tribes or clans that they called dragonflights.

Each flight ultimately answered to a Wyrm Father or Wyrm Mother, and there were eight in total. Each Father or Mother was a god in their own right, but all embodied a specific aspect. In this aspect they were supreme, and their children embodied that mastery. The last surviving dragonflight dwells on Virkonna, and are air aspected, but at one time a powerful flight represented every aspect.

The stories of these flights is near infinite, and while there is a massive amount of lore from that epoch I caution scholars to remember the sheer span of time. We are dealing with a hundred thousand millennia, and that only encompasses what we can verify. What evidence we have is spread across that entire time, and there are whole millennia where we having only a single tome, or nothing at all. A thousand years, with no surviving record.

These gaps aren’t numerous, but they are there. Even where we have information, however, it’s quality and amount vary wildly. We’ve picked out patterns. We know the predilections of each type of Wyrm. We know that void Wyrms are considered the most cunning, and calculating of their kind. We know that air Wyrms were considered the most intelligent. We know that fire Wyrms were reputed to be more solitary than the others.

Wyrms discouraged open study, and what we do have is clearly filtered through the dogmatic lens of the faithful worshiping their gods. This means that we cannot know for certain that what these tomes tell us is true. If you look at the religions of ancient Terra you find episode after episode of holy texts omitting or changing historical facts to fit their narrative. One can assume it is the same with the lore we’ve inherited from the dragonflights.

Around twenty thousand years ago we see a significant break in the historical record, what scholars have agreed to call the second abyss. Little is known about this time period, save that a war rocked the entire galaxy, and when it was over the power and unity of the dragonflights had been broken forever.

We know a great deal about the aftermath, and about the lesser wars fought since the second abyss. Only three of the dragonflights survived, and within a few millennia there was only one. This mystery is the focus of my research, because while we know much that time period, we have no idea what became of either the fire or void Wyrms. Both vanished from the historical record, either because the air Wyrms were the victors and wrote them out of history, or because they still live and do not wish any to know.