The Elephantidae are a race of bipedal warriors from beyond the Erkadi Rift. They come in a variety of subspecies, but all have the hallmark trunk and tusks that Terran scholars claim belong to a large herbivore from their world. The Elephantidae are a matriarchal society, with each tribe led by the best strategist. Unlike many species they have no preference between magic and technology, and have seamlessly blended them together. Eleph, as they are more colloquially known, use subsonic communication over long distances, and are known for their exceptional coordination in battle.

To reach Eleph space you need to circumnavigate the Rift, which the Eleph have cordoned off with a series of magical beacons. They are aware of the Confederacy, and were used as mercenaries by Shaya as recently as seventeen generations ago. Since then their presence in our sector has been noticeably absent, and few have bothered to travel to their space as they have little of value, and tend to react badly to trespassing.