The Inurans are a recognized government in the Confederacy, and serve as a bridge between Ternus and Shaya. When the Shayans first discovered Ternus, they were dismissive of technology. They consider magic clearly superior, and in many cases they’re right.

The Inurans, on the other hand, were far more practical. They realized how powerful technology and the idea of mass production was, how it could allow every day citizens to perform feats previously limited to mages, or to expensive magic items. They invested their vast wealth, purchasing dozens of Ternus companies.

Thus the Consortium was born, a potent mix of Ternus technology, with Inuran magic. Their spellships, armor, and rifles are the best of the best, and everyone knows it. The Inurans are rich, and the Consortium is powerful enough to inspire fear throughout the sector. Few will risk offending them, because they have tendrils everywhere.

Internally, the Consortium is a very dangerous place. Everyone is looking to move ahead, and quietly dealing with rivals is expected. Getting caught, or taking overt action on the other hand, will get you quietly killed in your sleep. The Consortium values stable business above all else, and do whatever it takes to preserve it. Some graft is fine, but overstep your bounds and you will be eliminated.

The Consortium is still responsible for the Confederate Navy, but for the first time is questioning whether or not they want the contract. Public support is waning, and their profit margins are falling. It’s quite possible they may end up taking a loss, and if they can find someone else to oversee the shipyards, they may liquidate the entire operation. In the meantime they’ve cut costs wherever they can, which leaves the navy and marines further strapped for men and material.

The Inurans are, and always have been, a practical race. If the Confederacy looks like its about to fall, they will quietly fall back to their hidden home world, adapting to the new interstellar landscape.