The Krox (not to be confused with the dead god Krox) are one of the most menacing races in the sector, a constant threat looming from the Erkadi Rift, a savage nebula littered with catalysts.

Krox began as primals attracted to the fallen god of the same name, congregating around his body and basking in his energies. Those energies shaped the primals into draconic humanoids known as enforcers. The enforcers are both powerful and numerous, forming the bulk of the Krox army.

As Krox age, they grow taller, and stronger. Consuming magic causes them to grow, and once they’ve consumed enough they will enter a molting phase. After that phase ends, the Krox will awaken as a young Wyrm. In time, that young Wyrm will grow into one of the ferocious beasts that make interstellar travel so deadly.

Most Krox spend ten to fifteen decades as a humanoid, and during that time have the same temporal concerns as any other race. After they molt, many Krox use magic to morph back to a more comfortable humanoid form. As they age, they tend to do this less and less, and ancient Void Wyrms rarely hide their true forms.



Krox have a thick, scaly hide, sharp talons, and powerful wings. They are taller and stronger than humans, but young Krox tend to be slower mentally. Not stupid. Just slower in analyzing data. This leads many races to underestimate them.


Krox & Magic

Krox have spirit and earth magic, making them perfect binders. They use this binding to create armies of minions to hurl at their foes, weakening them before moving to engage directly. Krox are effectively immortal, so long as they can continue to ingest magic. Like Shayans, if a Krox is denied magic for too long, they will die.

Older Krox make excellent true mages, and these binders guide lower Krox society. The rest of the Krox possess either earth or spirit magic, meaning all Krox are Tech Mages.