The Shayan Confederacy is a loose alliance of member systems. Each world is autonomous, as not even Shaya has the resources to create a multi-planetary government. The costs of shipping is prohibitive, and there are many dangers from Krox to void worms. This is part of what makes trade so lucrative.

Each member world is responsible for protecting itself, and tries to aid other worlds as it can. There is some infighting, but most worlds have a vested interest in pulling their weight. Seeing a neighboring world consumed by the Krox has a way of convincing you that you need to work together for mutual survival.

The Confederate Navy is a separate political entity that answers to no specific member state. They were initially formed with a financial contribution from all member states, and new member states must contribute the same.

In a masterful stroke, the Inuran Consortium received the contract for building the vessels, and worked with Ternus to create the Confederate Navy. They possess an advanced fleet of warships, with the best magical and technological power available.

Unfortunately, those warships are not used effectively. Each vessel is loyal to the world who provided the crew. They rarely work well together, simply because each race uses different logistics and protocols. Even getting officers to wear the same uniform has proven difficult. These are often mired in centuries of cultural development, so member worlds are loath to give up traditions.

The Confederacy has outlawed slavery, but cannot enforce their decree. Many member worlds have a thriving slave trade that they do nothing to police. Even those that do will still impress prisoners into service, often after finding a minor infraction they can trump up into a real charge. In times of war, even petty crimes mean instant enlistment in the navy or marines. For good reason.

The Krox have destroyed four worlds in the last decade, gradually expanding their territory. Each conquered world had a Catalyst, as does every world the Krox have targeted so far. The Confederate Navy, in response, has conscripted as many people as they can. Their shipyards are working at max capacity, but they are losing ships and men faster than they can create them. This is putting more and more pressure on the Confederacy, because the worlds not threatened by the Krox are having to give more and more resources to the worlds that are.

The Navy has pleaded for help from member states, but the answer was anemic. The navy remains underfunded and undermanned. They struggle to keep their ships operational, and to somehow find replacement troops from worlds who eye them with suspicion.

The Shayan Confederacy’s greatest weakness is lack of a strong leader, a role the Shayans could have assumed when they first created it. Now, the member states have grown too independent. Differences mount, and worlds speak of secession.

If something doesn’t change, the Confederacy’s days are numbered.