The Void Wyrm Khalahk

Void Wyrms are one of the fiercest predators to roam the void. They are highly territorial, and brutally assault anyone or anything who violates their territory. Some Void Wyrms are more social than others, such as the Krox. They will often operate in full flights, and are rarely as territorial as a fire or void dragon.

Wyrms keep themselves alive through magic, and it is magic that drives them to prowl the void. They devour spellships, eating all magic they can get their clawed hands on. It isn’t uncommon for larger Wyrms to raid catalysts, and even to occasionally kill guardians so that they can drain more magic from a dead god.

Many different species of Wyrm have been encountered, though the most common are earth, fire, of void aspected. All Wyrms, regardless of aspect, are competent true mages. Older Wyrms are almost always a full arch mage, commanding magics far beyond most mortals.