The third book in the Magitech Chronicles series has been released on Amazon! Continue following the adventures of Voria, Aran, and Nara, along with the rest of the crew as they search for the fabled First Spellship!

Also, if you haven’t yet read the first two books in the series, Tech Mage and Void Wyrm, they are both on sale for 99 cents for launch week!


The Last Dragonflight Holds the Key to Survival

Voria, Aran, and Nara survived their trip into the Umbral Depths. They retrieved the Talon, and are now searching for the First Spellship, the key to victory in their war against the Krox. Their search leads them to Virkonna, the home of the Last Dragonflight, a world where Dragons still rule. The world where Aran was born.

Aran’s past finally catches up with him, and he is forced to answer for killing Khalahk. The Wyrms demand he undergo a March of Honor, a brutal death march that few survive. Nara must not only accept Aran’s fate, but use it as a distraction to locate the First Spellship. Voria must forge an alliance with the ancient and very arrogant Wyrms of the Last Dragonflight, before the Krox do it first.

If even one of them fail, Krox will rise and the sector is doomed. Even success will carry a heavy price…

Read Spellship now on Amazon!

Spellship: Magitech Chronicles Book 3 Released on Amazon!
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5 thoughts on “Spellship: Magitech Chronicles Book 3 Released on Amazon!

  • Better than the second installment in general great space opera with a touch of dungeons and dragons thrown in and some poetic liscence

  • Like everyone of Chris’s books, I finished too quickly. That is the only drawback! This was a great read and left you wanting more…

    • Push for Netflix show

      • I would love that! Who knows?

  • As a reader Im going to ask for a ps4 game and a show on Netflix if altered carbon got a show this needs one also.


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