The fifth book in the Magitech Chronicles, Krox Rises, has been released on Audible!

Krox Rises AudiobookThe Godswar has come again.

Nebiat has seized godhood, and now controls Krox, the most powerful elder god in the sector. Both Ternus and Shaya know she is coming, but their preparations cannot save them. She launches a strike at Ternus that cripples their home world, and shatters their fleets.

Voria desperately struggles to find a way to raise Shaya, or to rise as a goddess herself. She will do anything to oppose Nebiat, but fears it will not be enough.

Aran must confront the awful truth about the Skull of Xal, and make a deal with demons in order to gain the strength they so desperately need to overcome Krox.

And Nara must face the most awful choice of all. Will she murder the woman she most respects, or let the sector burn?

Possibilities narrow. Krox rises. Shaya will fall.

Listen now on Audible!

Krox Rises Released on Audiobook!

One thought on “Krox Rises Released on Audiobook!

  • Been loving this series! The opening scene was jaw dropping.
    Also, been suprised by Mr Fox’s knowledge sharing about his journey as an author. So insightful.


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