The first book in a new series in the Magitech universe has been released on Amazon! Dying World, book 1 in the new Magitech Legacy series, tells the tale of a Relic Hunter desperately attempting to save as many people as he can as his world literally comes apart.

Dying World
Our world is tumbling into the sun

The quakes have leveled cities. Soon the continents will drift apart, before the final implosion. The ships are gone. There’s no way off. But I’m not giving up. I’m a Relic Hunter…an archeologist with a gun, and I have a plan.

Our people arrived on Kemet thousands of years ago in the wake of a terrible space battle. The Great Ships are still up there, ancient derelict hulks powered by a combination of technology and magic, created by gods we no longer remember or understand.

If I can get one of those ships active, maybe I can save myself. Maybe I can save everyone.

A brand new series in the Amazon Bestselling Magitech Chronicles universe. Magitech Legacy begins several months after the events of Godswar, and as the series unfolds you’ll encounter your favorite heroes from the perspective of a new protagonist!

Want to make your own characters? The Magitech Legacy uses the Magitech Chronicles RPG system, and allows you to be part of the action long after you finish the books. Learn more at magitechchronicles.com or by googling Magitech Chronicles World Anvil.

Get Dying World – On Sale Now For Only 99 cents!

Dying World: Magitech Legacy Book 1 Released on Amazon!
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