Disintegrate, book 6 in the Magitech Legacy series has been released on Audible!

Disintegrate Audiobook
Necrotis’s Endgame is Upon Us

The sector is starving. Frit is dead. The Krox have left the Confederacy, and the rest of it is falling apart. Time is fast running out to stop Necrotis, who will win through simple attrition if we do nothing.

The time has come to ride to war. Xal’Aran is training me to be the deadliest captain to ever command the Word of Xal, and will be flying alongside me to hunt down Necrotis. Nor do we ride alone. Voria and her Spellship will guide us into the storm to hunt our enemy once and for all.

We have a tool that can stop her, but if we use it then we could tear a permanent Fissure into our reality. We could free the denizens themselves. And lurking behind it all is a mysterious new race. A race of machines with a name even the Dragonflights only dared whisper.

The Void Wraith are coming.

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Disintegrate: Magitech Legacy Book 6 Released on Audiobook!
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