Ever wanted to play a Mage Killer, or a Spellsniper? How about a Relic Hunter, or an Eradicator? Ever wanted to fight a dragon…in space? Want to steal magic from old gods, and watch your armor and weapons get stronger as they drink the same magic? Chris has started a Magitech Chronicles Pen & Paper Roleplaying Game Kickstarter to make just such a game!

Magitech Chronicles Roleplaying GameThe Magitech Chronicles is an RPG designed by gamers, for gamers. If you’re a GM and it’s Saturday night you may not have time to plan an adventure. No problem, we have you covered.

Using our Catalyst creation rules you can quickly and easily craft an adventure for your players. You can pack it with anything you can imagine, from fire elementals, to goblins, to dragons to tech demons, and it’s all internally consistent with the universe.

Enterprising adventurers journey to these Catalysts in search of magic. Those who succeed come away with a piece of divinity, and can use their new magic to power their spellships and armor.

From a gameplay perspective they gain new powers, attributes, or magic, and so does their armor and weaponry.

These Catalysts are the core mechanic of the game, and the most attractive feature for gamemasters. A dead god can take any form you can conceive of, and can be found anywhere from an ancient tomb on an abandoned world to the deepest reaches of a forgotten nebula.

Over time primals (untyped lifeforms) will instinctively seek out gods. The energies of the god will shape their malleable forms into something it would have found pleasing in life.

If you’re going to a fire Catalyst, you might encounter magma giants, or sentient lava, or fire elementals, or Ifrit like Frit here (one of the characters from the novels).

The Magitech Chronicles ruleset is available right now on our World Anvil page, which means you can judge for yourself before considering backing our project. If you like what you see, and we’re hoping you do, then we need your help.

Check out the Kickstarter now! Rewards for pledging range from digital downloads to paperback and hardbook copies of the game book all the way to a Magitech Chronicles RPG License!

Magitech Chronicles Pen & Paper Roleplaying Game Kickstarter!
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