The second book in Chris’s new series in the Magitech universe has been released on Amazon! Hatchling, book 2 in the new Magitech Legacy series, continues the adventures of Jerek, the hatchling Briff, and the rest of the crew as they explore the Great Ships and encounter new challenges.

HatchlingDragons with Assault Cannons? How is that fair?

I saved Highspire and the academy from the dissolution of our world. 17,000 students survived, and I want to keep it that way. The ship is breaking down. Life support needs repairs, and we have almost no food. We need money badly. That means scavenging tech that we can sell to the same people who blew up our planet.

Fortunately I’m the best Relic Hunter in the business…though to be fair all the rest died when my world tumbled into the sun.

There are six other Great Ships out there, and who knows what we’ll find inside? I’m sure it will be fine. What could possibly go wrong?

Read Hatchling now!

Hatchling: Magitech Legacy Book 2 Released on Amazon!
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